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The DDIS Intelligence Risk Assessment 2015

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The DDIS Intelligence Risk Assessment 2015 

The DDIS annual unclassified intelligence risk assessment contains an up-to-date intelligence assessment of conditions abroad affecting Denmark's security.

2015-11-05 - 14:00

The Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) has published its Intelligence Risk Assessment 2015.

The DDIS Intelligence Risk Assessment gives an overview of our current intelligence-based assessments of developments in a number of countries and conflict areas and provides an outline of foreign policy issues that may impact on national security.

“The threats facing Denmark are serious and continue to evolve in complexity. We believe that the terrorist threat emanating from groups like ISIL, developments in Russia, and the threat from cyber espionage constitute the most serious security policy challenges to Denmark. As a result, we monitor developments in these areas diligently. We also focus on the conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa, on Afghanistan, and on developments in the Arctic as these are issues that are all of special concern to Denmark’s security.” Director of DDIS Thomas Ahrenkiel, 2015.

The unclassified DDIS Intelligence Risk Assessment is published annually. The analyses contained in this Risk Assessment are based on classified intelligence. The assessment is, however, unclassified and aimed at a wide audience, which limits the level of detail in analyses.

In addition to our annual Risk Assessment, we also continuously publish – mainly classified – assessments and analyses that form part of the process that enables Denmark to pursue its foreign, security and defence policy as a sovereign state in a world where threats are becoming increasingly complex.

The information cut-off date is 27th of October 2015.

 Read The DDIS Intelligence Risk Assessment 2015

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